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Raspberry Pi 27W USB-C Power Supply

Original price was: ৳3,500.00.Current price is: ৳3,449.00.

  • 27W output for high-power peripherals.
  • Multiple power profiles: 9V, 3A; 12V, 2.25A; 15V, 1.8A.
  • Ideal for Raspberry Pi 5 and PD-compatible devices.
  • 1.2m 17AWG cable for reliable power delivery.
  • Compliance certified for safety and reliability.
  • USB-C connector for modern, easy connection.
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The Raspberry Pi 27W USB-C Power Supply is the perfect companion for your Raspberry Pi 5, especially if you’re looking to drive high-power peripherals such as hard drives and SSDs from its four Type A USB ports. This power supply features built-in power profiles that make it an excellent choice for powering other PD-compatible devices. With output options of 9V, 3A; 12V, 2.25A; and 15V, 1.8A, all limited to a maximum of 27W, it offers versatility and reliability for various applications.

Key Features:

  • High Power Output: Ideal for high-power peripherals and PD-compatible devices.
  • Versatile Power Profiles: Supports multiple output profiles for different devices.
  • Compliance Certified: Meets various regional and international standards.


Feature Description
Input Voltage 100 – 240Vac
Output Voltage 5.1V, 5A; 9V, 3A; 12V, 2.25A; 15V, 1.8A (Power Delivery)
Connector USB-C
Cable Length 1.2m (17AWG)
Cable Color White or Black


The Raspberry Pi 27W USB-C Power Supply has undergone extensive compliance testing and meets a number of regional and international standards, ensuring safety and reliability.

Upgrade your Raspberry Pi 5 experience with this powerful and versatile USB-C power supply. Whether you’re running demanding peripherals or powering PD-compatible devices, this power supply delivers consistent performance and safety.

What is the price of Raspberry Pi 27W USB-C Power Supply in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Raspberry Pi 27W USB-C Power Supply in Bangladesh is BDT 3,449.00. You can buy the Raspberry Pi 27W USB-C Power Supply at the best price from our Raspberry Pi Store or visit Raspberry Pi Store Office.